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Prior to training, a series of confidential questions need to be answered in order for me to understand your health, lifestyle and exercise history. Goals will also be set and reassessed to measure your progress and keep you on track.

In the Fitness Assessments I will assess strength, cardio, flexibility, as well as balance, agility and coordination.

In addition to those assessments, I will also perform an FMS screen on you. For more information about these measurements and assessments please see below.

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I will conduct a functional movement screen to assess your posture, mobility, stability, strength and flexibility.

The functional Movement Screen is an innovative system used throughout the world in every major sport and by more than 50 US pro and college teams. FMS is used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients and athletes. Older, younger, active and not-so-active, everyone has unique movement imbalances and limitations that can lead to pain and injury.

I will administer 7 tests to evaluate your basic movement patterns and score them according to your ability. From there I will create a customized stretching and strengthening routine to help correct any imbalances revealed in the evaluation. You will also receive a personal FMS account which you can log into at any time to view your progress.

I will evaluate your maximum muscular strength and muscular endurance.

These tests may vary depending on the equipment available.
What Kristy`s clients ahve to say about her

What Kristy`s clients ahve to say about her

I will examine your cardiovascular fitness by having you do a 1 Mile Rockport Walk Test or a 2 Mile Run Test.

I will provide you with your target heart rate zones taking into account your age and resting heart rate. From here I will develop a custom cardiovascular program that's right for you.
Before we begin training together I will take a series of fitness measurements which will be kept in your personal file. At various intervals in our training session I will re-administer these test so we can measure the effectiveness of your training regime and track your progress. Below are some examples of some measurements and that I will administer.

  • Heart Rate Measurement-counting: The Beats Per Minute of your Pulse both at rest and during exercise
  • Blood Pressure Measurement: Taking Systolic and Diastolic numbers
  • Body Fat Assessments: Use Bio Electric Impedance Machine and or Calipers
  • Girth Measurements: Chest, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Calf, Bicep
  • Height Measurement: Taking Height Measurement
  • Weight Measurement: Taking Weight Measurement
  • BMI Assessment: Interpreting BMI based on Weight and Height Measurements
  • Waist to Hip Ratio Assessment: Interpreting your risk for Heart Disease based on Waist to Hip Ratio Assessment
What Kristy`s clients ahve to say about her

Should a medical concern come up at any time I may refer you to the medical clearance form to get clarification on the problem or to get a diagnosis for health and safety from a specialist. You can also expect to be reassessed after the program is completed to compare results in about 6-8 weeks.