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It's not about HOW MUCH exercise you do in a short period of's about HOW OFTEN you do it. Exercising more to make up for lost time doesn't work and might leave you injured.
It's not about HOW MUCH weight you're exercising with; it's about HOW WELL you exercise with the weight you are using. You should be able to pause at any second during your exercise to demonstrate you have control and are in correct form.
Exercising and living well go hand in hand.  Exercising has a rippling effect in that when you exercise you tend to strive to live healthy in as many areas of your life.

The only workouts you regret are the ones you do not do. The hardest part of the workout is getting started. Once you start your glad you decided to workout. Remember this every time you have a hard time getting started. Something is always better then nothing.
Reward yourself in a healthy way regularly for all the hard work you do!