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A custom easy to understand program will be provided to help follow your routine and record your progress. Each exercise will provide a detailed description of how to do the exercise and other necessary details.

The following area's will be part of your training program:

I will develop a custom strength program which focuses on your needs in terms of developing proper form, technique, execution, range of motion and muscle recruitment.

Custom Strength Program which may include some or all depending what's needed:
Corrective Exercises, Posture Exercises, Mobility Exercises, Stability Exercises, Rehabilitation Exercises, Sport Specific Exercises, Endurance Strength Exercises, Power Strength Exercises, Hypertrophy Strength Exercises as well as keeping in mind a well-balanced, full body focus.
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I will design a custom cardiovascular program that suits your needs which includes aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular fitness whether performed on a piece of cardiovascular machinery or outside.

Through a series of incremental progressions I will track your progress and adjust your routine to help you achieve your desired goals.
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I will a create a detailed custom flexibility program that addresses areas of tightness to improve on and overall maintenance of flexibility for the whole body.

I put a strong emphasis on flexibility training. I will lead you through a series of dynamic stretches as a warm-up before an activity and finish by leading your though a series of cool down stretches once the activity is complete.

Working at fixing problem area's and maintaining good overall flexibility will help prevent injuries and allow for better performance in all other physical activities while training with me and in your day to day life.
What Kristy`s clients ahve to say about her